In everything there is a force, an energy that moves through and within.
This energy is known as Universal Life Force Energy.
This energy is what keeps all things in balance: the seasons, the earth and the moon, and our health.
With these wonderful, spiritual and natural techniques, the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and accelerated.

When we treat a person with Reiki, this is done by the laying on of our hands, onto the various key positions of the body. This is performed through clothing  and while laying down on a healing bed, this healing can also be done while seated. You may feel a variety of sensations, these may include: a feeling of great relaxation and peacefulness, a release of emotions and

tears may flow, warmth, cold or tingling. A standard treatment takes about an hour.

Reiki is a gentle hands on energy therapy which has a number of benefits:

* Relaxes and reduces stress and tension                                        

* Calms the mind and emotions

* Improves sleep patterns

* Increases Energy levels

* Strengthens the immune system

* Helps to relieve pain and discomfort

* Promotes faster recovery after surgery and during illness

With Reiki, you’ll find colds leave faster, cuts and broken bones heal in less time and stress

levels diminish.

Reiki is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui.    

Reiki helps us to let go of deep emotional patterns and ties.

Reiki enhances personal and spiritual awareness and strengthens intuition.

Are you wanting to learn more about healing yourself, friends and family. Reiki Level One is a good introduction to hands on healing. You will learn how to perform a self-treatment and

also a 60 minute treatment on others. Anyone can learn this technique, so do contact me if

you are interested. Please read more under the services tab.

Reikiplus Healing for Body,mind & spirit

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